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CMYK Support is not installable, same as DCRAW

Dear forum,

I just started to work with GIMP. For this I bought the book "Gimp 2.6, für digitale Fotografie" written by Jürgen Wolf. Here the author refers to some additional tools. I can not install those tools, because of some missing DLL. I can not find all the missing DLL in the net.

My PC is:
- Windos XP, SP 3
- Core 2 Duo processor P8400 @ 2.26 GHZ

This system is in German language.

You can answer me in German or English. Dutch is possible too.


Did you try to install the plugins by clicking on them ?

That will not work, you have just to move the plugins in a gimp plugin folder (if are in a zip, first unzip )

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