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Copyright script

Dear All,
I am new to scripting under the Gimp and wanted to work a bit on automated workflow in order to save time.
I am trying to work on a very simple copyright script that does the following:
-frame my picture
-sharpen it
-add a small signature on the lower right end
-save it.
Right now, I am stuck in the 3rd step. I want to add something like : name © year type of information.
If I use it as is, the script will drop the ©, I will only have name year. I read some things about utf-8. So I tried to save the .scm file in utf-8 format, but if I do that, when I try to refresh the list of scripts, it will give an error:
error: eval: unbound variable or something like that, without giving the variable name. If I leave it in Ansi, it's fine, but I miss the ©.
Basically, I just copied and pasted the Hello World tutorial from the Gimp website. I put the undo function in remarks, it was giving me another error (dunno why) and nested the anchor function in the set! as it was also giving me an error (I deleted the set!). I change the text to incorporate a © symbol.
At the end, everything works, but the © is not appearing. If I save the file in utf-8 under notepad, it will give me an error.

I have another method, which would be to create the frame and signature into a xcf file and open it, copy it as a layer... would it be simplier?

Dear all, is there anybody that can make a small script that would successfully manage to add a © in an image?

That was not exactly what I was looking for... but thanks for the reply.

Scripting is a lot more difficult that I was thinking. a bit hard to find some explanations on the internet. Is there a newbie walkthrough somewhere?
Thanks :)

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