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Negative photo scanner

Hi, how can I scan a negative of a 6x9 photo used a HP scanner (table scanner)? There is any plug-in GIMP? Thanks for the help.

I am talking about BW negative (old format 6 x 9). I am using HP scanner and I am using the table of scanner, not a transparent materials adapter of HP scanner. If anybody knows how or knows a plug-in, please let me know. The procedures of convert colors negative into positive will be welcome. Thanks again.


well it depend, if is a BW negative as post work may be sufficient
open the image in Gimp and use Colors/Invert

More complex if is the negative of a colored image..then will be needed to include in the scanner also some unexposed fragment
from the same negative to sample the red/orange overlay typical of color negative

On the Meetthegimp forum was recently discussed a manual method and proposed a plugin to solve similar problem

Not sure of what you are asking..if is how use a HP scanner you should ask to HP

If is how convert a BW negative i already replied

For color negatives i suggest this link,708.0.html

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