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Pattern Rotate Along A Path

Is it possible to set a pattern to start rotating from a specified degree and then follow a path that curves? This would be similar to Rob A's rotating brush script, but only using a pattern on the fly with a path. The Path stroke with Pattern option doesn't allow for a change in rotation.

What is meant by "rotating the pattern".?

You could set a brush to have a chunk of pattern and rotate that, but patterns don't and can't rotate.

-Rob A>

This is what Path - Stroke - Pattern does now:


Current path stroke pattern 

This is what I would like Pattern - Rotate to perform, but not LIMITED to ONE "orientation/direction" or to one singular path instance:


Pattern Wish List 

Curve Bend permits this to some degree, but you have to have the pattern's orientation pre-set before using the plug-in. As you can see in the bottom image, I used Curve Bend on an image of scales and then created a path over it to give a visual of what I am seeking. If a pattern were capable of being rotated to any angle of your choice, then Curve Bend would be ideal for this effect. However, since Curve Bend curves the entire image, this is NOT the effect I would desire. I would only want a path with specified parameters to be set, not the entire picture.

Hope this makes sense.

I can't think of anyway to do what you want, as it requires distorting/rotating and matching patterns.

It wouldn't even work with a brush defined using the pattern since that will only rotate and not distort.

I tried with inkscape as well (as it it more suited for path manipulation) but it also will not distort a raster fill. If you pattern can be converted to vector, you could use inkscape:

-Rob A>

You may be able to get something close when 2.7 with better brush dynamics comes out.

In the meantime, you can set up a clever rotating brush to create an approximate effect:

(It has blurry edges in order to blend each repaint)

-Rob A>

That's not bad considering the options available now. What were your settings on the pipe brush for the rendering in the images above? Were they the same as your arrow brush?

Thanks for taking the time, Rob.

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