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Please help a GIMP dummy

I am trying to make a glossy background for my website. I have read where the "script-fu" can help but when i go to my script-fu there are no options to use it. It offers a whole bunch of scripts but i have no idea how to add them to my gimp program. I am at my wits end.
Please Help Me

Thanks in advance



Can you provide a link to an image of what you are trying to accomplish. A "glossy" background is fairly broad, perhaps showing us something will help us better help you.

I'de like to have the background be a glossy finish.

Also would like to know how to add a glossy finish to items in general.

Thanks Again,


You want the whole page to be glossy? Buttons? Text? Div Headers?

There are glossy button scripts, some web scripts, and there is good old fashioned GIMP manipulation DIY effects.

For the most part, glossy effects are obtained using gradients with transparencies, and do not require scripts. However, there are plenty of glossy button scripts that can be added to GIMP.

Check out this YouTube video and see if its close to what you are wanting to achieve:

As for loading scripts to be used, you can go here to get those instructions that I posted on my blog:

I tried to find Photocomix's recommended link for installing scripts, but couldn't for some reason. If you still need help after reading this be sure to be more specific about how you want to apply the effect to your website.

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