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Changing size of scanned photos to fit digital picture frames

Bought some digital picture frames for family for x-mas. When I loaded the photos onto them, I noticed that you could only see a portin of the photo on the screen. Panel resolution should be 800x600. How do I make a pic change to this so that it will fit?


maybe more then the size you have to change the image ratio

800x600 ..correspond to any multiple of 4x3

to change ratio without distort...or you crop something or you add a border

If difference is not big there is a plugin "liquid rescale" that may avoid crop/add border...

In case is not needed only that ratio but even that exact size then you should also scale down

Both "crop to selection" and "scale image" command are in the image menu

Even though say, you get a picture frame that's 600X800 for instance, the image size that you need to post may need to be smaller (very slightly) then that. That's the issue that I have with my picture frame. I originally resized a bunch to 600X800 and the result looked really pixelated withn I viewed them on the frame. When I used the program that came with the frame, the images were resized to a slightly smaller size (didn't know that originally). Check the spec of your frame to see what the optimal size is for the image to look right. :)

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