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LSE 2.1r1

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Current version: 2.1r1 (Updated 08.12.2012);
Legacy version: 2.1 (For gimp 2.6 users);

Status: developing

LSE - is a powerful script for creation effect of the lightsaber. This script use only GIMP procedures and don't require any external scripts or plug-ins. Script doesn't has any license, so you may use it's code for any purpose.

Main features:

  • Adjustable glow size.
  • "Sky" mode.
  • Correct undo/rebo support


  • Using separate image for undo stack support.
  • Faster core.
  • Separate colors for glow core and main glow.
  • Color profiles.
  • Relative settings for glow size.
  • Optimization and code cleanup.

Documentation available. Enjoy!

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


From now with native GIMP 2.8 support. Officially LSE supports only 2.8 branch but legacy version for 2.6 also available. Enjoy!

In english version second 'Orange' profile was renamed as 'Silver'. Added some hints into documentation.

It is more difficult to use, and some of the color profiles were not working, and there are two orange color profiles. Both of which created a faint glow. Was having issues with none vertical shapes as well, until got used to settings. Documentation is a little hard to understand, but this plug in is friggen great! @ @

It would be great if you send to me (or in this thread) some examples of issues which you described.
>It is more difficult to use
It's relative units fault. But it is really good idea when you have pictures with different resolutions. Possibly I'll add options which units will be used in script.
>and some of the color profiles were not working
Which profiles do you mean?
>Was having issues with none vertical shapes as well, until got used to settings.
It's interesting. Actually script was test with all possible shapes. Glowing text on logo - LSE's work.

P.S. Anyway your feedback is really helpful. Thanks a lot. I'll be waiting answers.
P.P.S. Two orange profiles - is a mistake in localization. It will be fixed.

I think for the most part it was user error.

Nice to see this filter being looked after and updated. :)
Still works perfect and that new core is fast!
Have to admit though some things in the docs should be added.
Use any color for core layer (Blade layer)
Be sure Blade layer is selected layer.

Really nice filter though.


Thanks. I'll add hints to documentation as soon as possible.

After almost two years of silence a new version of old LSE is out. New engine, GIMP 2.7 support, new features and russian localization added!

Great plugin, but your documentation is a little light on 'gotchas' (what not to do!) After some experimenting, I did get this working and quite well.

Anyone having problems may want to check these items:

1) Make sure that you have your 'blade layer' selected before launching LSE.
2) Don't have any selections selected before launching LSE. (Select/None)
3) Tip: You 'blade layer' doesn't have to be white. Whatever color that section is on your blade layer will be what LSE uses for the 'core' setting when it executes.

This can be used for quite a bit more than lightsabers. I used it to make a stop light look light it was quite well lit up in a picture. Actually a pretty good replacement for 'outer glow' style effects used to enhance lights.

Very good exploration about working with LSE. May I include it in documentation?


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