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New to GIMP, have a few questions.

As the title says, I am VERY new to GIMP (but having fun playing around with it) and Have a few questions.

1.) Is there any way to get all the GIMP windows to be locked? (By this I mean have all windows maximize, minimize and hold their location when changing image size)

2.) Are there any plug-ins to get GIMP to open Paint Shop Pro images and for PSP to open GIMP Images?

3.) How do I use the .py files? I have downloaded several and cannot seem to get them to work.

I have (the main one I am trying to use), I have tried using it in my
Program Files (x86)\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins as well as my
C:\Users\(User Name)\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins folder (I removed user name for my example)

and just cant seem to get it to work, I do have Python installed on my PC.

4.) Is there a free plug-in (for PSP or GIMP) that comes close to the detail of LunarCell?


Did you have have python installed prior to the installation of GIMP or after? If you installed Python AFTER GIMP then you need to re-install GIMP so it can recognize the Python installation.

Not yet, on PSP. No idea if it will ever be considered (at least I haven't seen any mention of having GIMP recognize PSP files). There are easy alternatives to moving tubes and shapes into GIMP from PSP. Do some Google searching.

I can't answer about LunarCell.

I installed it after. If I re-install GIMP will I have to re-install all the additions I have added to it?

I know, I work in PSP, GIMP and a few other programs would like to move back and forth for various features.

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As long as you don't un-install GIMP and all its folders, you should be fine just re-installing GIMP over the top of your existing GIMP.

Have you downloaded all the required modules? Check the info here:

If not, get all the required python modules before re-installing GIMP.

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