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Editing images on the fly

Hi All,
I would like know if there are plugin which can help me do the following.
1.Save the image on the monitor or screen into a jpg.
2.I would like to copy an image into an image at differrent resolutions and maintain them for rendering on sepreate resolutions
and connections.
3.Convert file formats from one to another on the server side.


I can only suggest an answer to question 1. Why other people have not replied to you I do not know, it matches my own experience recently on several boards. Perhaps my suggestion (along with the well-wishes of several other people in the vicinity on mobile phones will assist people here to reply). 1. Try CaptureWizPro or Screenhunter, which can drag a red box outline over any part of the screen and capture it as a jpg.

if you use windows the best solution may be this is free and much more powerful and advanced of most of the pricey alternatives It can do everything you ask and much more (as capturing scrolling windows, edit on the fly...) maybe nobody answered because is not a question related to Gimp,(you may take screenshoot from gimp too From toolbox/file/acquire screenshoot, but a dedicated tool has much more options )
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