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Octave Sharpening + High Pass Sharpening + Split Sharpening

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I've seen an very interessting video ( about the so called "Octave Sharpening" I've never heard. So I started searching for some information about it and found also 2 other sharpening methods (
The PDF tutorial (second link) shows the function with Photoshop so I implemented the scripts for gimp and wondered how effectfull they are.

Here is version 1.0. Any feedback welcome...


Copy the files to your Gimp script user folder:
Linux: /home/[USER]/.gimp-2.6/scripts/
Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\.gimp-2.6\scripts\


The scripts can than be found in Gimp under:
Filters --> Enhanced --> ... Sharpening

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Split sharpening only creates two unchanged copies of the background if you don't change the radius/amount options. Wouldn't it be better with sliders?


See,756.0.html where a scheme script and a python script were provided to do octave sharpening. It looks like your script has the same bug identified in the forum post there with the new-from-visible call.

-Rob A>

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