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Editing pictures

i have recently downloaded gimp obviously...and am trying to play around with pictures...i have an idea of what i want to do but am having issues doing it. I have changed the photo im working on to black and white and would like to add color to it but only in certain black n white picture of my son and would like to make his eyes blue...or leave them the blue they are from the original photo...and leave the blue that is in his shirt in the original photo as well. I have followed some ideas i have found on the net but when i go to use the brush with color it wont work to put color in. Im new to using any photo editing program so if anyone is willing to deal with me asking alot of probably very dumb questions would be great! Thanks a bunch!


There are several sites you can go to for help with GIMP:

Gimp Talk

Gimp Tutorials

And for the effect you are attempting, you can find that tutorial here:

thank you very much for the help!

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