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Install Grapefruit on Windows XP

I am instructed by the message: How to install Windows XP on June 3, 2009
I downloaded grapefruit-0.1a3.tar.gz. I decompress the file. By clicking on different files, none of them allows me to type the commands: build install
I use Windows XP Pro SP3.
Can you come to my rescue?
Thank you.

links please for whatever you refer
what has to do grapefruit with gimp ?
...which plugin may need grapefruit whatever it is
( a library maybe ? )

well in case you should better ask on the plugin page of whatever Gimp plugin may need it, the plugin author may know more

I know how install py script for gimp in xp but no how translate for win the instrution to install this peculiar module

That anyway if you have no installed Python support for gimp will be of no practical use

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