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Calendar with image

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This is a Python plug-in, written initially in Spanish by Mr Javier Pacheco, which from an image creates a standard complete month calendar. It has been translated in English and modified by me to try for more flexibility in the design of a standard calendar. Seven layers (plus an optional one) are added to the image to control the three main elements mostly below it on the page : background, calendar box and month-year info.
The options in the dialog are:
° Separation between the image and the calendar box
° Width of the calendar box relative to the image
° Height of the calendar box, relative to the box width
° Toggle between Sunday and Monday as first weekday
° Construct your weekday tags header
° Color for week days background & grid lines
° Select a font for weekdays
° Select a color for weekdays
° Select color for Sunday
° Select font for date
° Relative size of the font in calendar box
° Select color for date
° Month desired
° Which year?
° Language for name of the month
° Font for month & year text
° Add space, on the page, for month & year; if not select 'Don't'
° Target: printing on a common paper size (print later)

This program uses the 'Error Console' of gimp to leave some messages to the user, more numerous if a paper size have been chosen. It's used always a five (5) weeks grid for the date, by using two days per cell if necessary. The launcher for this plug-in appears in the menu "/Plugins-Python/Filters/Calendar with image". There still something missing before printing, best to do it yourself : resizing the image , sharpening(?) or/and adjusting printing resolution. Etc...

EDIT on Jan. 4 2010 version 0.1 ;
Update on Jul. 18 2010 version 0.2 : there is now another option that appears during the execution of the plug-in. It is the possibility of help in adding short personal (or not) comment to the user specified dates. The 'example_cale10_10v2.jpg' file give a specimen of the result with a diagram of the steps. The other files is the plug-in and a language translation file. There is also some small tweaks to the rest from the previous version.
EDIT on Aug. 3 2010 : there is now a slightly better English plug-in and a French translation of it.
For the option 'date comments' of version 0.2 , the assumptions for the user are :
* It appears only if the place is available for them in a date cell;
* The comment can be two lines at the most, first line at the top of the date and the other at bottom; all days are supposed to be one date per cell (let the plug-in take care of it if it's not the case);
* There is the possibility to repeat automatically a comment at whole week interval after the initial date, a date is skipped in the repeating list if it is already taken by another comment;
* If you need more space in the cell one possibility is to decrease the size of the date font, beside using a larger calendar in the beginning dialog, this plug-in won't do it automatically;
* After an undo you won't restart at zero because the restarting values will be the same, even for the comments.

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Fine script, I like it, but I get a sort of error message about image ratio when it is done. Why?
If you want Monday as first day of the week, you have to edit the list of week days. Maybe this could be improved?
To my mind, new plugins should be palced within regular Gimp menus (for instance /Filters/Decor, which needs no translation).
Everybody creates his own menu entries. This is not very handy.

Happy that you like because I have used and appreciated some of your Windows compilation of plug-in.
a) ...a sort of error message about image ratio when it is done. Why? . In my limited knowledge of scripting Gimp, the easiest way to communicate with the user is a subversion of the 'Error Console'. So in this script disregard the title warning put out automatically by Gimp. If the text under the title does not begin with ERROR or PROBLEM, then it's just minor information given by the script, that maybe pertinent or not to you.
b) If you want Monday as first day of the week... . The Dec. 14, 2009 update, above, is in part a try to improve this. You have to commit a deliberate mistake of erasing a comma before validating the dialog, then the program will substituted a list of week days tag consisting of the first three chars of each day, with first day of the week and language chosen in the dialog. But you loose the ability to edit, if you want to keep that, it seems to me, you need to change the default option in the dialog by opening the file "" with an editor, going at the end of the file in the register() function and editing at the end of the statement: (PF_STRING, "weekday_header", ...['SUN', 'MON', 'TUE', 'WED', 'THU', 'FRI', 'SAT']") .
c) plug-ins should be placed within regular Gimp menus .... It's the price you have to pay for the flexibility to have the menu you like. When I load a script, nobody has my menu :) but I am willing to pay the price by changing the same register() function as in b). You have a good point about the automatic translation, but is your /Filters menu not overloaded?


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