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A hidden watermark to protect your photos.

First, create a watermark: File->Create->Photo Watermark

To Use:

1. edit your image
2. save your original edited image
3. apply a watermark: Images->Filter->Render->Photo Watermark
4. change opacity of the watermark layer and/or erase visible parts
5. save and upload your protected image

To View Watermark

1. open you original edited image (background)
2. open the image to be verified
3. layer mode to grain extract



After grain extract

After Colors->Auto->Stretch Contrast

Full tutorial at:

Code License: 
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Is it not better to add a semi-transparent watermark. There are plugins available to add both text and image watermarks with required transparency and position.

Are just 2 different concepts

you may want a visible watermark ,to make your photo unsable by others , for this more a watermark is visible and centered better it works (too easy crop away the W is if close to the margin.) the more is visible the more it works (but to my taste works making your image so ugly that nobody may wish to steal it )

Or you may wish use hidden watermark to proof the image as your
Here the more is hidden the better will work .
Hidden watermark doesn't prevent image to be stolen only allow to proof they were stolen

Why don't you add your script to the Repository instead of just passing on a link?

It is a very interesting topic! It was exactly what I looked for and needed for my photos. But now there is a question if it is possible to delete such watermark? If it is possible, so how? Thanks in advance!

There are so much "visible" watermark script but search or googling for the few (maybe this is the only one) "hidden" watermark script fail because the word "hidden" is not in the title, and too much irrelevant results pop out in the search

i agree!

I installed the script. The "Photo Watermark" tab appeared in File->Create, but it was inactive in Filters->Render. I tried to reinstall and so on. Then I got it! The photo was black and white. I just switched from Greyscale to RGB, and the tab became active!

i think is not really a bug, most of gimp filters and even tools works (or in some cases works as expected) only in RGB or RGBA mode

To edit Index or greyscale images is usually better first convert them in RGB mode,...then at the end if needed you may convert back

Hey um not to be rude there I tried it on my photo (which is not dark, it's work)and I tried on the dark ones I saw my watermark Is there anywhere to solve this problem?

Seems to be very interesting, but when I try to create a watermark, I get the following message :
Erreur lors de l'exécution de sf-wm-create :

Error: Procedure execution of file-pat-save failed: Impossible d'ouvrir « C:\Documents and Settings\Propriétaire\.gimp-2./patterns/photo-watermak.pat » en écriture : No such file or directory

Has somebody got an idea to solve this problem ?


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