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Planet Render

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planet-render1-2.scm5.49 KB
planet-render1-1.scm5.42 KB

Creates a planet lit on one side, with some kind of atmosphere glow. The size and color of the planet as well as the angle for the light can be set.
An example tutorial can be found here.

- Version 1-2.scm is for GIMP 2.4 and 2.6* and above.
( please note that on 2.6, it is in the "File > Create > Misc" menu )
- Version 1-1.scm is for GIMP 2.2

(10/2010: Updated when I noticed I gave a link to the wrong tutorial. Not that anyone noticed :p)

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well saw it was supposed to e in the file menu, but in my 2.6.2 version its under filters->Script-Fu -> Misc
just thought I put that out there

This looks great. Could you update this to work with version 2.6. Thanks

The 1-2 version of this script already works on Gimp 2.6. (well, at least with my tests here on 2.6 and even on a 2.7.0 from svn) Because of the reorganization of the menus, it is now found inside: File > Create > Misc If you encounter any error messages when running the script, please report them to the email adress you'll find at the beginning of the script file, thanks :) (because I don't check comments here very often)

This works really well and seems to have no negative effects on the program. The tutorial also shows you how to add texture to your planets.

Thank You so much for the script, it works really well.
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