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For almost Every Script-Fu Plugin, I get this error...

For almost every script-fu plugin I use, I get an error message much like this:

FP Retro Background Message
Error while executing fp-retro-background:
Error: eval: unbound variable: cons-array

I am using Gimp 2.6.7 on Windows Vista 64 bit, running in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2.
How can I fix this? Do none of these scripts work in 2.6.7? The only ones that work for me are an animated fire one, an Obama poster one, and a motivational poster one.


Well... I just realized none of the scripts were working in 2.6.7... so I just downgraded to 2.6.6 It's all working now...

That errors have very different reasons

1 All script and plugin working in 2.6.6 work even better in gimp 2.6.7

2 ) on Windows Gimp 2.6.6 is crap, practically unusable for a critical defect of its installer
I may imagine well why that script didn't work and work now, after you reinstalled gimp

You had 2 version of the same scripts 1 for gimp 2.4 , the other for gimp 2.6

As result none worked, when downgrading you the old copy(s) went deleted so now you may feel as you solved

But if you are using Windows, installing the 2.6.6 you installed
something you should better put in the trash

I really suggest you to update to 2.6.7..or if for some reason you prefer downgrade go for 2.6.4..or to 2.6.5

But avoid Gimp 2.6.6

You need to update, and remove all older versions. You are doing yourself a disservice by downgrading to 2.6.6.

Heed PC's comment.

Also, make a note that when using older scripts with newer versions of GIMP, to check with the site to see what changes were made to the script-fu engine. You'll save yourself a lot of wasted time!

I'm sorry but I have Gimp 2.6.7 under Xubuntu 9.10 and now all script-fu don't work.... how can I fix this very very bad issue?
I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance a lot.

And you get the same error message, i.e. "unbound variable: cons-array"?

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