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Sprite Sheet / Animation tiles

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SpriteSheet.scm1.16 KB

Creates a new spritesheet (animation frames) from the layers of an image.

1) To install, copy SpriteSheet.scm to {GIMP-HOME}\share\gimp\2.0\scripts\SpriteSheet.scm
2) Either close Gimp and re-open, or simply select menu: Filters > Script-Fu > Refresh Scripts
3) Load your images via File > Open as layers (select all the images you want to in the spritesheet)
4) Optionally re-order your layers to determine ultimate order. Bottom-most layer will be left-most image in final merge.
5) Run menu option Filters > Sprite-Sheet > Create From Layers...

You should end up with a new image that is 1 row tall and x columns wide where x=Number of Image layers you opened.

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I've modified the script to work a bit differently to support layer groups for animations.

Is there any way to make a vertical spritesheet instead of horizontal?

You can change to vertical sprite sheet by opening the "SpriteSheet.scm" and editing the following lines:

Line 7: Change (imgw 0) to (imgh 0)
Line 10: Change (xoff 0) to (yoff 0)
Line 16: Change (set! imgw (car (gimp-image-width anImage))) to (set! imgh (car (gimp-image-height anImage)))
Line 20: Change (gimp-layer-translate layr xoff 0) to (gimp-layer-translate layr 0 yoff)
Line 21: Change (set! xoff (+ imgw xoff)) to (set! yoff (+ imgh yoff))

Hopefully no typos, haven't tested this.

You can try Fuse Layers script
1 on X axis gives you vertical sprite-sheet, n=#layers - horizontal.

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