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Decoupage Tiles: Challenge to Scripters, Plug-in Writers

I take photographs and break them into segments for 4", 6", and 12" ceramic and porcelain tiles, making one whole complete picture from several tiles. For several years now, I have just managed to create grids and guidelines and crop my images piece by piece.What I would like to have for GIMP, is a script or plug-in that allows me to take any image, run the script/plug-in based on the tile size (2", 4", 6", and 12"), distance between tiles (1/8", 1/4", 1/2"), and number of tiles to be used, automatically setting up layers for each tile image for printing. My current method involves me setting up the guidelines determined by the variables above, using the rectangle tool to crop out the images, one by one. I am sure there is an easier way to do this, but with so many scripts available to me for creating layers, etc, it gets so easy to get "lost" in the process of what I am trying to accomplish.

A visual cue of what I am referring to is similar to this instructable image I found on the web:

tile image


There is already something adapt

Not sure of the name or the author (may be RobA aka Ffatt ...or even Saulgoode but i really am not sure ) or if is listed here but a search on the net may be successful should figure out the possible keywords to add to "Gimp plugin" or "gimp script

Tried searching, to no avail. All the searches are bring up mosaic tile scripts, which I do not need. Not sure how else to word the search parameters outside of using "Tiles" "Tiling" "GIMP Plug-in(s)" "GIMP scripts" "Script-fu". Even in random orders.

did you try to look on Saulgoode (Saulgoode gimp script ..) and on RobA pages the home page but the page with ALL his scripts may be a bit hidden...i mean not privat just difficult to find without a exact link

Note i am not sure but i really have the impression that he or saulgoode wrote a similar script (or something written for a different purpose but that may be well used for what you need )

you may even try to send them a Pm with this link

That was simple. I already have my guides/grids set up so that portion isn't really necessary in a script, but the Guillotine into Layers worked flawlessly for saving each section as a layer. I simply turn off the layers that contain the imaginary "grout" images and print the rest.

Oh yes was that ! happy you find out sorry for my bad memory

your initial query reminded me that i had started to code something like this up awhile back, and so i went back to finish that up ( ... and then learned about this simple Guillotine approach. very handy!

by the way, for generating a regular grid of guides, i ran across this:

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