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Installing Plugins

I know I must sound kinda stupid asking, but how do you install Gimp plugins? I just downloaded a plugin as a .scm file (my computer says something about "StarCraft Scenario, not sure why) and I don't know how to actually use it in Gimp, which is installed on my flash drive (which is, yes plugged in)


You didn't mention what the plug-in was, and where you saved it to, so no one here will know for certain how that is related to Starcraft Scenarios, which uses its own mapping editor.

Plug-ins and script-fus (.scm files) are two different methods of calling GIMP processes and therefore need to be placed in specific folders assigned for them. Plug-ins in the form of .exe and (.py files require Python installation) need to be in the user's .gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder, and all .scm files need to be placed in the user's .gimp-2.6/scripts folder.

Perhaps you could be more helpful by explaining what the plug-in was (its filename and extension) and where you downloaded it to on your hard drive, and how you are trying to use it in GIMP. Once we know this, Registry users can better help you solve your problem.

Starcraft use the same file extension - scm - as GIMP's scripts.  File extensions do not tell anything about the real content of a file.

relation may be simple but not relevant there is no copyright on file estension names so may be well other kind of files with scm extension used by other sw

Anyway most simple way to install script or plugin

Load gimp go to edit/preference/folderScript

you will immediatly see where are your script folder, you may ddrop the script there,..(.or even somewhere else but that require create a new path there )

Same for plugin brush or whatever else

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