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Can't get my project to print Legal size... HELP!

So I've finally finished making the menu for my boyfriend's restaurant, but I can't for the life of me get it to print the right size!
I made the menu 8.5'' x 14'' but it still prints too small! I've tried everything I can think of and now I need your help!
Advice & instructions welcome!!


What, if any, printing processes are you using? Are you using GIMP's "File/Print" function? Are you using the GutenPrint plug-in? Or are you opening the file in another application to print it? What OS are you using (Windows XP, Vista, Linux)? GIMP version?

Since the GutenPrint plug-in quit working on my 2.6.7, I've been having to open my files in HP's Photo Printer application to get my print settings where I want them. You can still print your GIMP designs outside of GIMP, just by opening them in the various printer applications that come with your printer.

On a side note, many people also experience these sort of printing problems within the browser, unaware that the browser's default printer settings carry over to other print jobs. You might want to check your browser's preview settings and see what the print resolution settings are. Also, check your defaults on the printer itself.


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