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White background & Shadow

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This script takes a picture, create a white background, and off-center the foreground on it. Then it add a dropped shadow.


Original picture:

Result picture:

Updated 2011/11/28: I've modified the script to have it work without any error messages with at least Gimp 2.7.4

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I had to modify line 143 from:

(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-white_bg_and_shadow" _"/Filters/Decor")


(script-fu-menu-register "script-fu-white_bg_and_shadow" _"/Script-Fu/Filters/Decor")

in order for this to work using Gimp 2.6.6 on win32.

Fortunately it turns out these scheme scripts are in text and easily edited.

First of all, I am just curious as to why you are still using this "buggy" version? I would strongly urge you to upgrade to 2.6.7. just for a better GIMP performance.

Secondly, the registry entry isn't a "bug". In fact, it shows up exactly where it says on my Windows 32 and 64 bit, in Filters/Decor.

For starters, I would upgrade GIMP to 2.6.7., and then download the same script again (after removing the old one, of course) and see if that doesn't solve your problem.

Ok, have installed gimp zillions of times before, and this instance of gimp several months ago, but only now was using it seriously, and looking around for plugins to do various things, and not realising this version of gimp was buggy. It was the latest and greatest at the time when I installed it! That script may very well have installed correctly first time but it wasn't obvious that it was located at Filters->Decor->White background & shadow, as the location to find it after installing isn't documented, and other previous scripts i've tried all ended up in Script-Fu menu item, so assumed this would be the same. Anyways, all good now.

If you know how to use a text editor, you can always view a scm file (I prefer to use Notepad ++) and view the registry of the file, which will then show you where exactly the menu options are. When done, just cancel out of the file leaving everything untouched.

Of course, it was a quick try, and I determined the ratio by the value given in the screen capture you sent me.
However, everything is tunable !
The best would be to open a dialog box with sliders to adapt every parameter (maybe in a future version) !

Cool but the example does not make justice because the white BG just disappear on a white web page

Adding a thin black border (NOT to the script BUT to in the jpg example you posted ) would make the example more clear

that...or even better running the script twice

Thank you very much, Guillaume57, for a good job. ;)

Finally, I've tested it and modified two parameters (heigth of background and radius of blur), and I only can thank you again.

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