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Global Apply Color

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WARNING: This script will overwrite your images! Make a backup first.

Hi, I'm a web developer and i often want to test my designs in different colors. To avoid changing images one by one i did this simple script (my first one) to rapidly get a feel of how it looks like.

The script desaturates all open images in GIMP and creates a layer in Color mode with the color you pick on the non-transparent parts of those images and finally saves them.

Altough its a very simple script, it prooved useful to some of my co-workers so i decided to post it here. Maybe someone will find it useful.


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Very dangerous overwrite all opened image

Just save with a letter added to the original's name (i.e. from "image.xcf" to "A-image.xcf" ) would
not eliminate any risk to overwrite the originals ?

... or a different folder - maybe even named like the color in Hex format?

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