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Help, Literally

Hi All,
I'm new to gimp and am fumbling my way through. The
first thing I did when I got stuck is clicked the help pull down menu, then help,
and I got this message "The GIMP help browser plug-in appears to be missing from your installation. You may instead use the web browser for reading the help pages."

So I went to the plugins and can't find it. Then I searched for help plugin. The results
were quite comical. I recommend it for a giggle. It's tough to find help on the literal topic because everyone is asking for "Help"

I saw the list of plugins and there are some cool things I'd like to try. Why are'nt they just part of the package? Shapes, that would be a good one to include. people are used to FAT graphics packages. Fireworks.. omg, i'm so lost. way too many features.
It would be great if there were an intuative easy to learn based on standards we may have used before but also full featured tool. Gimp is hard to use. LView was an easy one that I miss now that I'm a full time linux user. Kudos to All openSource Programmers. I've been waiting a long time to see this kind of software for linux.
I hope and pray I see the day that the Evil Illegal monopoly Empire Falls.

is there a link to the gimp help plugin? That also would be cool to have, searchable help, right out of the box, no internet required. I like that the help key is still F1,
but where's the industry standard help tool and why is it a plugin?


Read all the comments on this post:

What I did, seeing that there has yet to be a help browser plug-in compiled for Windows, is set my Edit/Preferences Help System to use my local folder (I installed the GIMP 2.6 help files into a folder named Help, within the Share subsets: Brushes, Gradients, Plug-ins, Scripts, etc) and I selected "Web browser" to view them. That works perfectly fine for me. Once you have your help files in the right place, you'll see the indication in the Help System with the message w/ light bulb icon: "There's a local installation of the user manual."

If you're having this problem on a linux system, I'd recommend you read this post:


I'm on leopard and downloaded gimp and help files. Help did not work locally or online until I went into preferences and reset to default. Still doesn't seem to work locally but links to online by clicking help or F1. Help preferences: General; both boxes checked and "use a locally installed copy", Help browser; "web browser", Web browser; "open %s".

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