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Dock the toolbox to the main window

Does exist a way to dock the toolbox to the main windows (Like the attached picture) with plugin or whatever?

Or I will need to learn Python and C to get it?

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This is a hot topic with the Gimp developers. Many people see it as a user interface flaw.

In general, with regard to UI design, it has to do with what is called "multiple document interface" , where all the documents (images in this case) appear inside an application window, sometimes as tabs. Gimp is NOT an MDI application: all the documents are in their own window. So there is no "main window" to dock the toolbox to. Much more discussion online if you are interested in GUI design.

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One of the primary HMI architects for Gimp is looking at it. Here is a blog entry on some thoughts:

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I would strongly recommend to have a look at the current development branch of GIMP and its single window mode - I'd even regard this as a requirement for participating in this discussion :)

If a one window layout is a design flaw, what your using now is a design disaster! I use gimp at work every day and I very frequently have to shift the toolbox as it gets in my way, and if I go fullscreen, I lose it completely! If I could dock it in the same window i'm working in it would make my work much easier!

So many ask for options to customize !

Then, when a app is fully customizable they start to complain about the default...if you do not like the default, if you don't like how dialogs and windows work just enter in EDIT/preferences to customize to your needs

And if VISTA has bugs that may hide or minimize windows when out of focus.... just google for "DESKPINS" just a free virtual pin to stick in place dialog and windows

Works great, too!

In windows I have multiple monitors, which helps. I recently did an installation of linux on a computer that only supports one monitor. I found that dragging all of the toolbox items into one window helps maximize my screen real estate. When I start gimp, it remembers my preferences. I have tried this in windows and it works as well.

Here's a screenshot:

This doesn't help with multiple documents, but definitely helps for me to combine the toolbox items into one.

The UI development for the single mode looks awesome!! It would be interesting to know the current status of that project.

I've lost the part of the toolbox where the shade and opacity of a brush/layer can be changed! The section at the bottom where I normally have my brush options is completely blank, just grey.
I really need to get figured out quick, because I'm designing a cover for a musical programme, and I can't do it without GIMP!

Double-click on the Paintbrush tool in the Toolbox window. A new window should appear with the word "Paintbrush" at the top. Place the mouse pointer over that word and click-drag the window to the blank area under the Toolbox and drop it. (Once you have your first "tab" placed in that area, you can add other tabs from the menu under the triangle-in-a-box in the upper-right corner.)

Look at this article :
but i am not sure about toolbox.

Yes, this option is available now
Go to Windows - > Single-Window Mode

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