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Colour Match

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Easily map colours from a source colour to a target colour. Very effective for matching skin tones across images or between people.

Relatively quick (but not earth shattering). It doesn't work with grayscale or indexed images. Has preview, works with selections and layers, etc. Very, easy to use, and quite useful for portraits or recolouring graphics.

A demonstration: Lenna's face is mapped to the colour of the feather on her hat. This was done by selecting a colour from her face, then selecting a colour from the feather.

If you have an x86_64 version of GIMP 2.7 on linux, bunzip2 and move the colour-match file to your plugin directory:
bunzip2 colour-match.bz2
chmod 700 colour-match (Make it executable)
mv colour-match ~/.gimp-2.7/plug-ins/colour-match

To build it type: gimptool-2.0 --install colour-match.c
You will need libgimp-dev, and libgtk2.0-dev packages if you didn't build GIMP from source.

The algorithm is based on the relative color remap plug-in by Lars Clausen ( ).

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colour-match.bz28.63 KB
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I was wondering if there is a version of this for 2.8 that works.

Very cool plugin, and thanks for writing it.

One suggestion (you knew this was coming didn't you? :-)): It would be cooler if you offered the option, like the Colour Picker tool, to sample a radius of pixels and average them for both source and target colours. It would help a lot when dealing with noisy images that are perceptually of a given colour but within which no single pixel is necessarily of that colour.

Still interested in seeing it work on Windows.

I don't have windows, but if somebody wants to supply a binary I can include it.

(Edit )


An other version for Windows with source code (version 2009-11-25).
It works with RGB and RGBA images.

Link :

thank this works well

Works like a charm. Good job!

I have just supplied one today. You may include it. If so, I'll delete my post.
But now it seems to crash too. Maybe I'll have to remove it anyway. If someone can understand why it works, then crashes...

i tried that from ffaat ..
weird sometimes crash sometimes not even using same image as test


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