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Blur & Shadow

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blur_and_shadow.scm7.33 KB

Creates a picture which is a duplication of the current picture upscaled and blured as background,
and the current picture itself with a border and shadow around it as foreground

Original picture :
Result picture :

The second version of the script add a dialog box that let you modify the blur ratio as well as the shadow ratio.
I also added 2 toggle button to control the de-saturation of the fore/background.

The dialog box:
Example picture:

Updated 2011/11/28: I've modified the script to have it work without any error messages with at least Gimp 2.7.4

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Control on shadow size and blur would be a nice addition

but what i found really important is a option to add a the frame around the image without scaling down the original image

better if as default ( leaving the actual resizing as a possible other option )

if you can not use the script -
Just duplicate the image - desaturate either the top or bottom layer - select the bottom layer and grab the scale tool.Make sure the link is connected so height and width are applied at the same time.Scale to whatever size you need.
Blur the bottom layer to your satisfaction.Add a default shadow to the top layer Filters>Light and Shadow>Drop Shadow.

There you go there is your effect.


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