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Blur & Shadow

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blur_and_shadow.scm7.33 KB

Creates a picture which is a duplication of the current picture upscaled and blured as background,
and the current picture itself with a border and shadow around it as foreground

Original picture :
Result picture :

The second version of the script add a dialog box that let you modify the blur ratio as well as the shadow ratio.
I also added 2 toggle button to control the de-saturation of the fore/background.

The dialog box:
Example picture:

Updated 2011/11/28: I've modified the script to have it work without any error messages with at least Gimp 2.7.4

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Hi Guillaume,

great filter which I have used a long time ago. Now with a new computer and Gimp 2.6.11 I have download your filter again and it is not working. I get:
Error: eval: unbound variable: gimp-item-set-name
And have no idea at all why. It has nothing with the German language to do which I'm using?

Best Regards


P.S. I found an old version as a text file on the web. Copied it into the actual one and it works - but now without any settings dialog......

He apparently modified it for 2.7.4, but didn't make it transitional for both 2.6.11 and 2.7.4.

You would need to change the procedures back to 2.6.

Thanks for the script. Looks useful. You may wish to update the text in the script (quoted below)  to reflect the new case.

"Creates a picture which is a duplication\ of the current picture blurred as background,\ and the current picture itself reduce with a\ shadow around it as foreground."

Comment have been taken into account, and I modified the script so that the background image is upscaled instead of downsizing the foreground picture.

Thanks a lot, Guillaume57.

Thank for the update

Hi all:
I'm very interested in this script, but I want if is possible to modify it to get something like that:
Basically is a off-centered foreground (better if it isn't rescaled), a white background (better if is rescaled) and a shadow.
Thank's a lot.

not need to change the script for that

1 run the script
2 supposing that your original image was flat (with only one layer )
click on the layer just above the Background layer (the BG layer contain the original image) to make it active

and bucket fill with white ( For your example)


about modification

It would be weird for a script create a new layer with a enlarged and blurred copy of the original (that is part of what the script do now.. )just to overwrite it by bucket fill with white.

There are already other script for what you wish , example GMIC plugin include several frame filters :
the"polaroid"one may be what you wish

This is a nice effect.

I would suggest changing it to enlarge the image and use it as the blur source rather than shrinking the image as the clear one. This is because a scale of that amount can cause a significant loss of detail or aliasing artifacts.

Because the blur looses detail anyway, it would be better to enlarge and then blur for the background.

-Rob A>

Hi Rob,

thanks for your comment. I take it into account.
Indeed, it was the first version, but I have also in mind to add some control over the shadow size, the blur factor, etc...



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