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script-fu-quadrupole.scm4.2 KB

Takes an image, makes four 1/4 scale copies, and reflects them about vertical and horizontal axes to achieve a four-fold symmetry.

Note: As well as being atrociously inefficient (eg, by scaling the same image four times, instead of making copies after the first scaling), this code does substantially less than the "Small Tiles" dialog (which comes standard in Gimp in /Filters/Map)

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well look as the option i miss in my favorite gimp mirror script

But i will prefer as option since scaling at 1/4 dramatically reduce the quality of the image

so something as

1 Mirror horizontally and/or Mirror vertically
like default

and resize to original W or H as option

(in case the image was mirrored in both direction options Resize to original W and resize to original H are obviously equivalent.
..but why exclude mirroring in only one direction ?)

BUT then since 1/4 resizing is a VERY destructive operation will be better a NEW IMAGE as default output, preserving the original if not for user's decision

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