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Jagged Border

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script-fu-jagged-border.scm8.91 KB

Creates a white (or black) border around an image that merges in with the image so that on a larger white (or black) background, the image appears to have a ragged border. This is similar to the Gimp's Fuzzy Border, but it adapts its jaggedness to the image. (Also unlike Fuzzy Border, it is deterministic, it does not depend on random number seeds.)

Some examples of what I mean by a jagged border that "adapts" to the image, which also illustrate the difference between a white and black border (it's not just the color), are shown in this triplet of images:
seaweed -- original no border
seaweed -- white border white border
seaweed -- black border black border

An example (with a short animation) that shows how they are created:

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What a cool idea. Just left you a comment at your Flickr too. Thanks for the Script-fu. :)

Thanks for a useful script. Just what I needed.

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