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Draw arrow

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Update [11/15/2009] : Added fixed brush width and double headed error, removed bug 1) one-point-paths, 2) horizontal paths
Update [11/16/2009] : Fixed image type restriction string
Update [11/19/2009] : Added feature for absolute wing length, fixed handling gray-scale images
Update [25/01/2010]: Fixed fixed opacity bug (thanks to Richard)

This plugin enables GIMP to draw an arbitrary arrow into an image or a new layer. The plugin has reasonable default values for every paramtere but is freely adjustable to ones needs. Parameters are:

  • wing length and line width freely adjustable (relative & absolute)
  • angle between arrow tail and wing
  • optional draw arrow in new layer
  • optional filled or not filled head
  • optional notch in arrow head
  • optional delete used path
  • optional draw double headed arrow

Create a path (usually <B>) with the head of the arrow (first anchor point) and the end of the tail (second anchor point). Then call the script which adds itself to the "Tools" menu (I use <AltGr+P> as the shortcut as "Pfeil" is the german word for arrow).


  • Write documentation (any one can help me with that and knows how to?)
  • Open for suggestions
  • Enable a more angularly arrow

You can also contact me via ICQ #52712314 and Jabber/XMPP

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GIMP Version: 
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Exactly, why the hell Gimp does not have arrows? Why do I have to download a plugin, read how to install plugins, install the plugin?

Can you at least elaborate a little more about what problems you are encountering, before giving up?

I can not get an arrow with the arrow tool? Under Tools I have Arrow, but nothing about arrows in the toolbox. What am I missing?

Just to clarify, when you click arrow under the Tools menu you don't get this menu option?

What version of GIMP are you using, what Operating System do you have? (Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac).

I would remove the script from the scripts folder and reinstall it. You can see how adding scripts is done here:

Yes I get get the menu option. I did reload, it's still not working. I'm using Gimp 2.6.11. on a Windows 7 PC.

So this is what I'm doing, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
1. Open a new file.
2. Select Tools/Arrow
3. Get Menu Option select OK (using Default)
4 Get GIMP Arrow Message about first and last point of path.
5 Select Pencil from Toolbox (I would think I would get an Arrow Tool)
6. Draw a line point to point.
7. I fell I would get an arrow point on this line. But NO arrow???

What I'm looking for is a line with an arrow point on it. How do I get that?

Thanks for your help.

1. Select the Path Tool from the toolbox
2. On your drawing, place the cursor at the spot where you want the arrow to point.
3. On your drawing, click where you want the other end (the origin of the arrow) of the line.
4. From the Menu, select Tools > Arrow to open the Arrow Plugin dialog.
5. Make desired changes on the dialog.
6. Click OK to create the arrow using the currently selected foreground color, click Reset to change the dialog setting to their default values, or click Cancel to abandon this arrow.

Click on the Path tool and click two points on a new transparent layer over an image or drawing. Then run the arrow script. For the time being, leave the script menu at default.

Just keep in mind, the first Path point will always be the head of the arrow, until you uncheck that option in the menu.

Found it!!! Thanks. Now it's working.


Very useful plugin, thank you.

It would be, however, much easier to use if one were able to draw the arrow by selecting between a few visual templates, rather than by having to fill in numerical coefficients for geometric parameters describing the various components of an arrow that aren't necessarily very intuitive.

If there were a few samples of the various categories of arrows, the user can immediately recognise the type of arrow they want, and then just tweak one or two parameters (rather than 4 as it is right now) for their desired type of arrow.

It would be great to see this change implemented in a new version.

Thanks :)


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