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Smooth Path (new)

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This plugin will take the active path and smooth it, using a Bezier
interpolation algorithm. If you've ever wanted to define a bunch of
points, and then have the GIMP draw a smooth path through them, this
plugin is for you. There is the option to smooth corners between a
range of angles.

Settings include:

  • Smooth only specified corners: If checked,
    only corners whose interior angles lie between the two settings below
    will be smoothed.
  • Minimum angle: Corners blunter (greater) than
    this angle will be smoothed.
  • Maximum angle: Corners sharper (less) than this
    angle will be smoothed.

This plugin creates a new entry in the Paths dialog right-click menu.

For details of the algorithm used in this plugin, see here:

Be sure to read the readme.txt file for installation and user help.

Thanks to Rob Antonishen for his valuable contributions.

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- Create a rather smooth line with a wide brush
- Color-select it
- Select>To path: this gives the red path in the image below
- Apply "smooth path": this gives the blue path in the image below (the bulge at the top is an anchor moved afterwards to distinguish the two sets of anchors in the Path editor)

All in all, the resulting path is not as smooth as the original, it even created weird wrinkles... (I used the default settings).

Smoothing a smoothed path does nothing (produces the same wrinkled path), and re-running the olugin on th eoriginal path still produces the bad result, so at least there is some consistency.

Using gimp 2.8.2 64 bit, on Windows 7 64-bit ultimate. I have the active path selected, then right-click on it in the paths dialog, and only get the standard actions: Path Tool, Edit Path Attributes, New Path....Copy Path, Paste Path, Export Path, Import Path.

I tried both the standard and 64-bit binaries with no luck. I put the binary in the following path: D:\PROGRAMS\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

Any ideas?


Great tool, works really quick.

I'd like to suggest a feature that I should be able to smooth only a selection of points on the current path.

Is that possible some how?


Tests : Gimp GIMP 2.6.9 ( 64 bits & Gimp 2.7.2 - Gimp 2.7.3 64 bits (Partha / Windows7 64 bits

Hi, Does this work on a Mac (Snow Leapord)?

You have the C source code to my plugin. So you need to compile it. I suspect that you can only do that if you installed the GIMP from source, which is probably a tedious process, described here:

And see here:

But once you have done that, then you simply run the following command on my source code like so:

gimptool-2.0 --install smooth-path.c

and that should install the plugin.

If I owned a Mac I would have made it much easier for you. :-)

i had to add a line of text (that..hem...may looks a bit self-contradictory )to make the edit accepted

I could not get this to work on windows with Gimp 2.6.7
or 2.6.3.
And I made sure the plugin was in the right place.

Works for me.

Please describe the steps you've done so far, and tell what happens and what doesn't happen.

It works, I didn't have the paths-dialog open and was right clicking on the image instead of in the paths-dialog.

Thank you very much, ijontichy!

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