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A port of gimp-ace to GIMP 2.2, based on gimp-ace 0.6.3.

Reading from the original description there: The basic "Stretch Contrast" operation takes in the whole image at once, and if there is a white pixel anywhere in the image and a black pixel anywhere in the image, it figures the contrast is already as good as can be. But Adaptive Contrast Enhancement works to increase the contrast locally, and brings out details that most wide-sweeping contrast-enhancements pass over.

Runs also on GIMP 2.4, but the GUI is not 100% adopted.

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I'd like to know if there's any guide in how to compile it. I used the "./configure" and then when I used "make" this message appeared:

"make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop."

Does anyone know what's happening? Could you please tell me how to compile it under Ubuntu 10.10 64-bit?

Thank you :)

Extreme thankyou samj; just tried it in 2.7.3 and it works great (though they still didn't fix the preview for embedded alpha channel, but the plugin still works). Had a hard time finding it though since they changed the location to filters>color>Adap..... (was under filters>enhance). Happy I am; just wish G'MIC would work in 2.7.3 64-bit, but alas it won't (since no one has compiled it for Windows yet for 64-bit GIMP). :)

Thanks a lot for creating this Filter - it is my definetly most used filter of all;-)
amazing Stuff! and the only real replacement for LucisArt on Winsuck

I used it long time ago as win32 binary version with Gimp and now after the total changeover after the mighty release of Ubuntu 10.10 - (a big Windows dying plague happened here since release of 10.10;-)

But i missed very quick this filter in the original pack - so downloaded the 0.67 sources
compiled it sucessfully and it runs surprisingly well w/o any problem
(just ./configure && make && sudo make install)

System Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick, Gimp 2.6.10

Thanks once again for developing this - for me personal - filter milestone

regards from the north of Germany


Thanks a lot!
Works fine on gimp-2.6.8,Gentoo Linux.

work fine also with RGBA or the preview is screwed up if there is a alpha channel ?

When you compile for Widows, don't forget to use those magic switches: ./configure CFLAGS=-s LDFLAGS=-mwindows The first switch strips debug code, the second one tells the linker not to make a console application. I upload a 50 Kb version today

excellent ! coming just for my work ! thanks !

there is a windows version but is not a new one. Anyway seems working well with GIMP 2.4 (BUT only on RGB images NOT with RGBA that means before use you need to remove the alpha channel(layer/delete alpha channel) Not sure is it a quirk of the version i'm using. If there are not other more updated windows binary i will upload on http/

@ Pocelo since you compiled for windows you may share the binary? Just uploading them somewhere (as example on ) and send the link here. I have a windows version installed but i will like to check if this is the same version or a newer Mine fail to work on RGBA images, seems to require RGB only, meaning that the alpha channel must be removed to get a accettable result This happen also with that you compiled or on Linux ?


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