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Python Fu Scripts - HowDoI Install?

I am using Windows XP SrvcPk 3 and GIMP 2.6.7.

I decided to try the "" script. I copied it to my user "scripts" folder (where the *.scm scripts are located. I restarted GIMP. The script author states in his HELP PDF file that the script should show up under "Selection" on the menu bar of the image window.

The script does not show up at this location, nor does it show up at any other location in the menuing system.

I have been using GIMP and GIMP *.scm scripts for a number of years now, and I have never had any problems installing or running a script fu script.

Is the installation procedure for installing a python fu script different than the installation procedure for installing a script fu script? The GIMP help file (current for 2.6 for Windows) is completely silent as to python fu scripts or python fu script installation.

I have the python interpreter installed on my machine, as well as all the GIMP python modules. I have a python console in my GIMP.

Does anyone have a link to any material that explains the difference, if any, between installing a script fu script and a python fu script into GIMP? Or, alternatively, if it is not too much trouble, would someone please explain here the steps to installing a python fu script into GIMP.

Thank you,


Listed under the Select menu as Adagio Range Selection on my GIMP.

Dear Mahvin:

Thanks for responding.

There is no "Adagio Range Selection" under my "Select" MenuItem.

Is there something other than merely copying a python fu script into one's personal "scripts" folder (as is the case with a script fu script) that one must do to install a python fu script in GIMP? Anything at a python command line or in the python console?

If so, could you please point me to it, or just tell me?

All I did was to copy the python fu script into the same folder as I keep all my script fu scripts in and refreshed the scripts. When the script didn't show up under the "Selection" menu, I restarted GIMP. Nyada, no "Adagio Range Selection" under "Selection."

Note: Under my "Add or Remove Programs" dialogbox in Windows XP I am showing the following Python modules installed:

Python 2.6 pycairo-1.4.12
Python 2.6 pyobject-2.14.2
Python 2.6 pygtk-2.12.1
Python 2.6.2

When I installed Python into the machine initially, I made all of the pathname edits in "boot.ini", any Python works in the machine. My understanding is that I need the GIMP specific installations in order to avail myself of the Python fu scripts in GIMP.

As I indicated in my initial post, I installed the python elements included in the Windows GIMP installer program, and I do in fact have a Python console under GIMP; it pops right up when I ask it to pop up.

Have I installed too much? -- i.e., anything here that I should uninstall?

Or, am I missing a module that I need to install?

I've never had a script "not" show up on a menu before with the script fu scripts.

Any System settings or GIMP preference items that I should check?



Python code for GIMP are plug-ins, not scripts. So if you dropped the into the scripts folder, its in the wrong place, try moving it to the plug-ins folder and reboot GIMP.



Dear Mahvin:

Thank you very much. It works. Now, I'll just have to see how much of a timesaver the plugin is over manual...

So,...python fu scripts are not scripts but plug-ins. Didn't know that. I wish some enterprising soul at the GIMP profect who knows his way around in Python would write up some definitive info about this GIMP and Python stuff and get it into the GIMP Help file so that us Python dolts could get serious about learning it. Python seems to be becoming the sctipting language for just about everything these days, so it would really help if the developers and Python savvy members of the GIMP Project would start bringing the rest of us along like they have with script fu.

BTW, and without intending to go too, too, far "off-topic" here, I went to your web site and spent a couple of hours browsing in it. What an excellect site! -- Great web page design and graphics mode, both of which further the intended focus of the site; nice, clean, to the point, and easy to navigate. I wish all the GIMP tutorial sites were as focused and as well laid out as yours. It is reminiscent of Jeschke's legendary site.

Thanks again,


I just realized you were talking about my website and not the registry, oops! Anyway, thanks for the compliment. Glad you enjoyed the site. :)

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