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GAP on GIMP 2.6.7

A newbie here, a very beginner with GIMP (but patience and long time is better than force and rage, as we say in my mother tongue ;-)).

I'd like to create an animated GIF, so I found the animated package.
The only *slight* problem is that I don't have the palest idea (from an Italian expression which means that I don't have any idea) on where can I download it, and where and how to install it.
Tried with the search motor with "GAP", but I found nothing for GIMP 2.6.7

=> Any idea on how to help me ?

Thanks in advance for your help

that is the link for the Windows version...since you did not wrote what OS you use i guessed Windows
If you use Linux you should compile i believe most distro do not have yet a updated package for GAP

BTW is not specific for 2.6.7 will work with any 2.6.

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