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Motivational Maker

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moti-maker.zip3.11 KB

Create a motivational poster from the current image: Enter a caption and some clever text, and you're ready to go!

Options include selecting the font face, size and color. You can also choose not to flatten the final result, if you want to edit the layers for that extra special touch.

The included text file details installation and usage. Feedback welcome!

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Error while executing script-fu-moti-maker:
Error: Procedure execution of gimp-image-add-layer failed on invalid input arguments: Image 'naruto_288_yamato_fear_face_problem.png' (24) is of type 'gray', but an image of type 'rgb' is expected

Why does your script not take grayscale pics? :(

weird the script is supposed to work also for grayscale images (at least looking in the registration block

"RGB* GRAY*" ;image types

Anyway change mode from Grey to RGB is a quick task also on many images and do not degrade the image quality (the reverse does ).

I love it! I've been hoping this would be made for gimp for awhile now, heres my feedback...

- make the default motivational poster 640x480

- change the font and font size, (Times New Roman Bold)(Top text bigger than bottom text)

- possibly add border styles/colors option, (double borders yay) since not all images show up as having a border if the image has anything white around the border already.

- add a option for having a underline under the text similar to this:

I would love to see more put into this project :]

Thanks for the cool ideas! I have had this urge to add border options

Admittedly Script-Fu was a jagged pill to swallow, and thinking of doing it in Python-Fu for practice, since Im learning the language. Would that be an issue your side, or do you have Python-Fu support in your GIMP? (In the menu above Script-Fu)

Py scripts should run fine on my end, but im not positive. I have Gimp 2.6 x64 and im on windows 7.

On Unix there are no problem to run py scripts

On win some fiddling is needed once to install the module, then there are no more issues

File doesn't want to open here...says it's not in .tar.gz format.


To make it more compatible across different platforms, I replaced the archive with a .zip :)

Right, it's just a tar. You can rename it moti-maker.tar

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