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Steel Text (gimp 2.6)

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(en) Create a text effect that looks like shiny steel (or gold) and a dropshadow - For The Gimp 2.6.

To create the logo text:
File --> Create --> Logos --> Steel...

Logo Steel

Logo Gold (Steel)

To create the alpha logo effect:
In the layer with images and transparent background
Alpha logo steel
--> Filters --> Alpha to logos -->Steel...
Alpha logo steel result.

Alpha logo gold (steel) result.

(pt-BR) Crie um efeito de texto parecido como um aço relusente (ou ouro) e uma sombra - Para O Gimp 2.6.

steel.scm8.21 KB
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this script in File/Create/Logo mode it runs through the script, throws an error that it has an unbound variable for gimp-image-insert-layer. (which is no where in the script)
Then it creates nothing - until i close Gimp and then a phantom text document with 3 layers pops up!
And it is just a white bg a black layer and a text outline layer.
This is very weird to say the least. :)

Filters/Alpha to logos works nice though - no problems although it does throw that same error it still works and displays new.

Anybody got a clue?

Definitely a cool script; not sure why I missed this one. Thanks a heap maj. :)

Uploaded with

Very nice results! Thanks.

I don't have it under "Create", but under Script-Fu and I get error:

Error while executing script-fu-steel-metal-logo:

Error: eval: unbound variable: spline1

I've just installed this script in Gimp 2.6.11 and also let the same error.

I also have in under Script-Fu and Alpha to Logo.

Error under Script-Fu:
Error while executing script-fu-steel-metal-logo:

Error: eval: unbound variable: spline1

Error under Alpha to Logo:
Calling error for procedure 'gimp-gradient-get-uniform-samples':
Gradient 'Flare_Rays_Size_1' not found {This gradient is in gradient folder}

Plug-In 'Steel' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

Error while executing script-fu-steel-metal-logo-alpha:

Error: Procedure execution of gimp-context-set-gradient failed on invalid input arguments: Gradient 'Flare_Rays_Size_1' not found

Plug-In 'Steel' left image undo in inconsistent state, closing open undo groups.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Are you perhaps running a non-english version of GIMP? It seems that the script opens with gradients called "Flare Rays Size 1" and "Golden". The error message in your post says it could not find the first gradient. According to, the gradients are called differently in translated versions. If this is indeed what's causing your problem, there's quite a probability that the same solution applies.
I've taken the liberty to link a patched version in which strings referencing to gradients "Flare Rays Size 1" and "Golden" on lines 172, 174, 205 and 207 are replaced by (list-ref (cadr (gimp-gradients-get-list "")) gradientid) where gradientid is 34 for "Flare Rays Size 1" and 43 for "Golden". These numbers will probably need to be changed when the list of gradients is changed, as those numbers are the indexes of the gradients in the gradient list. Either way, as long as you have more than 43 gradients, the script should now be able to open its dialog. Let me know if it works! :)

Not sure why you are having problems. I too have GIMP 2.6.11 and it works fine for me; this one is a pretty good substitue for Photoshop Styles by the way. Very cool indeed. :)

wow...Im loving this one, my new favorite logo! Great work!

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