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edit missing


I'd like to change my plug-in information but... I am logged under Change plug-in information and I can't see anymore the Edit link (should be there as far as I remember how to change plug-in information).

Also for comments I own. Some of them are with Edit and Reply, other are with with Reply only.

Seems others have same problem

Obviously is something wrong with the permission, you should have the right to edit everything you wrote Plugin descriptions or messages

I may only suggest to contact Ingo or schumaml (in case they have not already noticed your message )

Thank you,

Then I'll wait a little bit because admin seems to focus on spam.

Yes there is a problem , but found the cause seems not easy,
may be needed a couple of weeks from now.

At the moment only workaround may be add the update as was a new plugin/script

But if you do please, add "update" to the script/plugin name in the title and delete the duplicate at soon the issue is fixed and the edit button back

As now not only the edit but also the delete button are missed for who post plugin or script

I believe a Delete button useful for sure plugin writers had no reason to abuse of it (but if as examples a critical bug or patent problems arise they may wish delete the entry till the problem is fixed )

Plug-in authors can (provided that they have access to 'Edit', which used to be true until recent changes) already delete attachments and change the description. In my opinion there's no need for a 'Delete'.

For the HQ upscale plugin

At first authors do not publicize but since gave quite good results with the help of Francois_C for compiling , i provided the Windows binary

But no much ago same developer proposed a totally new version, completed of binary so there is now no much reason
to preserve the older version

Anyway you are right is not a so commune case !


PS i solved by adding on top a warning + the link for the new version

Hey Guys,

[just a copy of the e-mail, for general reference]

I just posted a general notice for the authors and the problem /should/ be fixed. In some ways, it was really stupid and I could have found this problem earlier by thinking what was changed before it occured.

The thing was, do you remember that we changed the input filters around, to prevent people from posting embedded links? Well, I didn't want to break all the old plugin descriptions, so I introduced a new default format, without embedded links, and took away the permission to use the old one. Now guess what -- if a node uses an input format the user does not actually have permission to use, the "Edit" button is removed! I would have expected that, upon the next edit, the input format has to be changed but this just serves to show that one shouldn't make such expectations.

Anyway. I went into the database and updated everything to new format. This will cause some links to become non-embedded but that is something we can live with.

Sorry for taking so long to work on this and thanks for all your patience and help -- I know some of you did users' edits for them. Thank you very much for that!

btw, I have about four months to go on my thesis work. Until then, I won't be able to take extended periods of time to work on the registry. However, I can always you guys more rights or do other simple things. Please don't hesitate to let me know (best via e-mail) if anything is up!

Cheers, Ingo

This situation is normal. I often meet this when i edit link. Finally when i save them i also can not find where it is, It is aggressive and i often refresh the site, Is it a good way?

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