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Require Updated scripts for Klaus Goelker's GIMP 2 for photographers

The disk has the following plugins, but I can't access them faulty disk. Anyway as the current version is 2.62 and the one on the disk is 2.2 I thought it would be worth getting updated plugins as well.

OR will the old ones work.

I have tried finding them on the site but cant.

GIMP Background Window 2.1 (Windows Gimp Deweirdifyer)



Smart print Tool


Maybe would be better send complains to the author for the missed updates and weird suggestions

Anyway Windows deweyrdifier ,was always deprecated and now is totally obsolete would not work with recent gimp (anyway never worked well even if was overbloated)

The option for a single window will be included in the next gimp 2.8.

For a single window mode were less obsolete and less buggy hacks then poor Gimpshop/deweirdifier
(available as optionals for Gimpphoto and Gimpportable (from portableapps ) but were created for 2.4 ....not sure if they will work in 2.6....(and anyway none of similar hacks was without bugs ,for a clean implementation you have to wait gimp 2.8 )

Then why you need 3 different but almost equivalent tool
for edit/import RAW ?

A updated version of UFraw is available as standalone and as Gimp plugin
A alternative with some options more may be RAWtherapee that anyway is not a gimp plugin but a standalone app

Never heard of Smartprint

About the "weird suggestions" i didn't read the book i do not know the author, but IF suggested to install something as the dweirdifier plugin i will suspect him to have never seriously used Gimp (or at least to have never tested his suggestions)


i did check the search for the plugins :)

some plugins may be not listed here
But then Google should find them

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