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GIMP tools not working

Hi all,

I'm a relatively new user of GIMP, having successfully installed and used on my iMac at home. I have also attempted to instal GIMP onto my ASUS laptop which has Vista Ultimate as its OS.

After installing onto the laptop (and using what I think was the Vista download GIMP 2.2.17) I can't get tools to work.

Other functions such as motion blur appear to work.




GIMP 2.2.17 is outdated, the current version is 2.6.7.

I had tried 2.6.7 previously with the same result. Have since uninstalled 2.2.17 and reinstalled 2.6.7 - same problem - can't get tools to work.

Seems to work for others. I assume that you knowc how to use the tools in GIMP, as you have it installed on more then one platform.

Is anything special to your system?

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