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How to save an animation as .GIF

I finish doing my animated advatar/picture and when i go to save it as .GIF it wont let me.It only lets me save it as .XCF(Gimp format) so how can i save it as a GIF format if it doesnt let me whatsoever?And when i try to save it as GIF there is a message trhat pops up(refer to file attachment for image.)CAN ANYBODY OUT THERE PLZ PLZ HELP ME XP.

~~Gimp-Message.JPG18.7 KB

Is this GIMP 2.7 you're using? This is an unstable development release, please stick to GIMP 2.6.7.

Where can i download Gimp 2.6.7?

If you are using Windows that may depend from a corrupted installer (may happen during download )

Then if you use Windows you should NOT use Gimp 2.6.6,

(even if was labeled as stable...was something wrong in the Windows installer, so what installed will be very buggy )

In case update to last stable 2.6.7 may solve
(that of gimp 2.6.6 was a Windows only issue, no problems on Linux or Mac )

click file>export>select ur extension".gif">click export>check animation and loop forever if you want to.>clickexport nd here it is... your gif imge.. njoy

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