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How do I modify plugin informations in the registry ?

I want to update my plugin "fourier". I followed the instructions provided in the documentation, by going on "My content" page, and then the plugin, but I cannot find the "Edit" tab. What should I do ? Thanks.


you should have a edit button if not i would contact the responsible of the side, Ingo

Did you see a contact link here ?
if you may see it using that may help

Same here, I can't edit my plugins/scripts anymore.

Same here, can't edit existing plugin. Linux/Firefox.

Yes there is a problem , but found the cause seems not easy,
may be needed a couple of weeks from now.

At the moment only workaround may be add the update as was a new plugin/script

But if you do please, add "update" to the script/plugin name in the title and delete the duplicate at soon the issue is fixed and the edit button back

How can you tell that this is not easy to fix? Did you talk to Ingo? If not, then nobody is trying to fix it, simple as that.

Ingo tried to fix, he will try again but is very busy as now
2 weeks is his prevision

Of course if somebody else competent may help time may be shortened ...but "somebody else " would need the necessary permission to access

Hey Guys,

yes, pcx did mail me and it is not a simple permission problem. Something is wrong with the metadata of some, not all, plugins which causes them to be uneditable for their owners. I have no clue, so far, why that is. My guess is that the root cause was a full database partition, but I do not yet know exactly what kind of damage that resulted in. All the regular corruption checks came back empty.

As pcx already mentioned, I've been really busy at work for the past couple of weeks because a project was due for its final demonstration. That is completed now and I'll look into this further in the coming days.

At the moment, I have one problematic plugin that I know of, which is rpeyron's old one. I know there are more but not exactly which ones. If you know, please post a list of URLs that are problematic.

Best Regards,

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