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Selection: Remove holes?

Is there a script to automatically remove "holes" from inside a selection area?

I can manually edit the selection area (when, say, highlights are accidentally picked up by a color selection), but it can get tedious.

quicker may be
1 grow selection(as example 5 pixel)/shrink selection (same amount)
that may slightly "round" the selection


Click on Quickmask (little square in lower left of image windows)
Fill up the holes (now they should look as red dots )with a brush tool or the eraser

you may use Black or white to add or remove
which would do what depend if you use the eraser or the brush tool
click again when finished to go back to normal image display (but with the edited selection)

Just a suggestion: Say you're trying to select a foreground object. Instead of selecting the object (which might create holes), can you select the area around it? Then just invert the selection.

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