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The Flame Filter

I read somewhere that the flame filter CANN'T render a image beyond 2000x2000.
Tha's false, I have done 3500x3500, and I want to know how far the filter can be pushed :)

so, how big image can you render with the flame filter? And what hardwere did you use to render?

Really? I've tried rendering larger than 1024x768 and it fails. What version of GIMP were you running when you did that? What kind of settings did you have laid out? Just because I've been trying to find a way to render larger flames and I'm not having much luck, so if you know a way to do it, it'd be very helpful. edit: actually, scratch that: I just tried rendering a flame on the new build of GIMP and it worked. my resolution was 2210x3000. It took a while, but it worked. neat!
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