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Is there a Gimp script for this?

"Its an action for Photoshop that will turn pencil or ink lines (on a scanned image) into a layer so you can paint under it. If the lines aren't dark enough, use brightness/contrast to darken the lines while keeping the background white."

Now is there a Gimp version of this. If not, does anyone know how to do this in Gimp?

Some ways you can obtain this is to use pencil sketch or edge detect filters. You would need to flatten the image once the image is filtered, then remove the white via Colors/Color to Alpha, create an additional white layer, move it to the bottom. You can add layers on anything in between the white layer and the line layer, to paint on. Darkening the lines after you have removed the white gets a little bit trickier, but its doable.

not sure if Color to alpha will work well, it may left a fringe.

first use level too boost the contrast
(just click on the white with white eye dropper, and on the whiter lines with the black one may suffice ) may help

to check the real selection you may click on the tiny square in the lower left of image windows (quickmask) :
this because may be hard judge the selection with the usually marching ants display, that anyway can not represent correctly partially selected pixels

Just set the lineart layer mode to multiply, and paint on a white filled layer beneath.

As stated, use the contrast ot curves to darken the lines and whiten the page.

-Rob A>

good idea i am experimenting now (i have the line art of a old comix to restore and color ...a bunch of pages ),happy from the result

...check out the multifill and flatting script:

-Rob A>

I try Select by color the white + erase seems working very well no fringes left as i feared (i tried on different line arts some was seeming very difficult as including dot and line of different size some very thin )

 I just found a weird issue :
select by color (white)+ clear Did NOT work , not at all( (and yes there was a alpha channel)

BUT luckily select by color + erase works perfectly
(and is not slower because i created a "eraser" brush big as the image )

Could you just use select by color? Then cut/paste into new layer.

I'll have to agree with Photocomix on this, this works great at removing the fringes before getting into the darkening phase. I am currently experimenting with the number of ways listed on the internet to see which one looks the best. Thanks for sharing this, lewa.

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