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Make New GIMP look like old? Also, Skewing?


Currently I have GIMP 3 portable and would like to upgrade my home version, but HATE how the toolbox keeps jumping to the top of the image I have up.

As I like to work on very small art zoomed in, this makes the toolbox constantly in my way. Trying to close the toolbox closes GIMP entirely on the new version, making things especially frustrating. This doesn't happen in GIMP 2.46 (my home version) as the toolbox opens in a new window.

Image example is attached to try to make this difference more clear. :)

Is it possible to make the toolbox in the current GIMP version behave like the old GIMP toolbox by staying in it's own little window and out of my way? I do not want the toolbox visible at all unless I select it- no photoshop clones, please.

Also, as a side question, is it possible in either GIMP 2.46 or the current version of GIMP to stretch and skew your image? I am finding myself needing a Skew function badly.

Thank you for the help!

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Use the key to hide/show the toolbox. There are also preferences somewhere for setting the window hints for dialogs - try playing with those... Chris

Sorry - I meant use the TAB key. The comment system must have thought it was a tag - sorry about that.

I recommed You this: Enter in preferences dialog, and clic in Window Manager, and select Hints, and select the first option for the hints of the Windows. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I have GIMP in Spanish and I can't translate it into English.

There is no GIMP 3 yet. You mistook the Portable-specific revision number (3) for  the GIMP version number (probably 2.6.7).
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