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creates a shadow transparent version of the image

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create-shadows.scm4.2 KB

creates a shadow (transparent) version of the image

i use this script for colorizing an img with CSS/HTML
i.e. I display the shadow img (in the HTML) and change the bg color with CSS

if u use the original colors from the picture u should get almost the same picture
u can play with the black-point/white-point values for less/more gray...
though it doesn't change much...

it meant to be use with uni-color img, but works with any img.

tested on png, jpg, GIMP 2.6.6
it gives an error message: Error: illegal function
I dont know why (didn't had the energy to debug it) but it works fine for me any way
so I simply ignore it

see GIMP on-line help for installation instruction of script-fu

usage: open an image and run the script
Note: i test it only on a flat image,
with multiple layer it should operate on the current active layer

after running the script:
* delete invisible layer (optional)
* merge visible layer (optional)
* save with a different name (as png for keeping the transparent charecteristic of the image)

Elia Weiss

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