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Editing, Amending or Altering a .png File with Gimp Guidance Required?

Hi All,

I am relatively new to GIMP, so hello from me.

I have just had a template designed for my up coming E-Store, within this template is the header image and this is made and saved in .png format.

I have tried several times to get a working copy of Adobe Photoshop on to my laptop but I have given up trying and failing with each install, so I contacted my template designers and they told me about GIMP, whilst they didn't use it much so couldn't help me with my issue.

I want to open this header.png image in GIMP, I need to somehow open up the header image they made for my template and it's layers, so I can edit and amend bits of the header image I do or do not want and add my own style to it etc.

Is this possible in GIMP, as currently when I open the .png file in GIMP it opens no problem but I can't find out how to make all the layers in this image show up, so I can then see which to edit and how etc.

I truly hope somebody can help guide me in the right direction with this painful issue and enable me to start putting GIMP to good use.



PNG does not have layers. -Rob A>

If they used Fireworks, it's possible that the PNG does have layers, but then nothing but Fireworks will be able to see those layers. Ask the designer to save in another format. If they use GIMP, ask for .XCF. Fireworks itself should be able to save it in another layerd format - TIFF, PSD, etc. that you could then open in GIMP. Chris
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