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stacking layers

Hi !

I want to create a scrip-fu to which does the following steps automatically :

Allow the user to load two ".bmp" files in 2 different layers.

The first file is called "orientation semi.bmp" and the second one "polMean.bmp"

The "polMean.bmp" layer has to be converted in grey scale colors and the color has to be inverted.

Then I want to stack the two layers to remove noise and vignetting effect.

Finally the final image has to be saved in the directory were are localized the two originals .bmp files with the name "thinsection.bmp".

I have no skill in script-fu so do you have any idea how I can do it ?

Thanks !

I sent you a message to email me. I'll make one for you, but I need a bit more detail. -Rob A>
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