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Need help with script downloads

Hi, I had to re-install windows XP because of a system crash and lost all my GIMP scripts. Now, when I try to download the scripts I already had, they show up in text format instead of the .scm format that I was used to seeing. I'm not sure if its a windows or an internet setting that's causing this. Has anyone experienced this, or can anyone recommend a fix...

I thought of copying the text to notepad and using a compiler to save them as .scm files, but not sure where such a compiler can be found.

any help would be appreciated.



It's been awhile since I used a DOS batch file to compile extensions on files, but I used to do it a lot with AutoCAD files changing them from DWG files. Just make the current directory where all the scripts are located, using the command prompt. The below example will rename all the files in the current directory that end with .txt to .scm. ren *.txt *.scm NOTE: If you have any readme txt files in the same directory, you might want to relocate them first, or they will get overwritten as well. If you have extensions hidden in folder options, you'll need to untick that as well. "My Computer - Tools - Folder Options - View"

while reinstalling windows you somehow forgot how to download or save scripts. Because script are "text" and for sure is not needed " using a compiler to save them as .scm files" Compiler will fail since there is nothing to compile To save the script you just need to RIGHT click on the script link, and chose Save link as/all files. Or if you prefer copy and paste in the notepad,and then save with whatever name you wish but with scm extension Instead just rename txt as scm may work or not, because scripts are often somehow reformatted when converted to .txt I may assure that nothing prevent to save in windows XP scripts as scripts ( scm, py or whatever ) Key is save as" ALL FILES" that for Windows XP means SAVE AS IT IS... DO NOT CHANGE EXTENSION ,DO NOT REFORMAT. Saving (everything with text )you will see the option to save as .txt....but that is just the default : that is a dropdown menu that offer also the other option : save as "all files"

thank you all for the reply

@Mahvin that may ,randomly ,works or not. When converted in txt, the width, and so the numbers and what more important the starting points of the scripts lines may be modified . ( So ,as example the" ;;" that mark a comment line may become misplaced , the last words of a comment line may become the first of the following script line and then the script will not work.

If it works, it "might" work for all. No way of telling until you test the possibility. If the files saved in their original format but ended with a .txt extension, there is a good chance using command prompt will work, thus saving hours of downloading. But like you said, it may or may not work for one and all. Just for testing purposes, I would rename one script file saved with the .txt extension just to see if it takes under the new .scm extension. Nothing to lose but a little time. My experiences using ren in DOS have been favorable, but then again, that was many years ago. :O
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