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Export Layers as PNG

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File->Export Layers->as PNG

Prompts for a folder to save PNG files. Pretty straightforward. *Requires* python!

Should work with 2.4.x through 2.8.x. Will NOT work with some 2.7.x versions and the 2.8 RC1! 2.7 users should move on to current git and 2.8 RC users should upgrade to current 2.8.

- toggle to flatten (remove transparency).
- toggle to save only visible layers
- now saves as filename + layername and special characters are removed
- toggle to remove layer offsets
- toggle to zealous crop each PNG before saving
- handle layer groups (introduced in GIMP 2.8)

NOTE: the registry added a .txt extension - you need to rename to file to just '' and make executable if you're on linux.

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Nah - I just tested in XP and it's OK. Both windows and linux have a funkiness though: you have to show the location bar in the file chooser. When you are in the directory to export to, enter a period (.) in the location bar and *then* click open or press enter. But \ or / does not matter, nor do spaces in the path.

the script now prompts for a dir, so you don't have to put the "." in there... I used PF_FILE initially, but PF_DIRNAME is correct.

spam filter working yet? :)


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